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Meet the Gaebels!

Erika (brand new mommy) and I met back in college, where we bonded over computers, 3D graphics, and girly dinners.  I have been so blessed to witness her life unfold through her marriage to Joshua, their first home together, and most recently, their beautiful first child, Brixton!  Happy 6 months, darling!

On a sidenote, I realized during this shoot that I relate to little children like my kitty. =)  Not a bad thing since I treat my kitty like my baby.  I found myself saying things like “Who’s the cutest baby [insert on a normal day: kitty] in the whole WORLD???”  Anyway, it worked =)

Haven’t we all been there…

Left: Love the matching shirts!  That is one stylish daddy-son pair.    Right: Future football… player =)

Inspired by a photo the couple saw.  Some of our best poses come from our clients!