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Why I do what I do.

Growing up, I was a world of introspection.  While other kids rode the school bus joking about Mr. Duble’s belly fat and whether he’d try to make it talk again today, I was escaping into a world of imagination, other worlds, and magic.  At recess, I could take an ordinary playground and turn it into a secret lair that transformed ordinary Maxine into a superhero.

When I stumbled into photography back in 2008, I felt a little like that playground coming to life for me.   Suddenly, the “ordinary things” I felt inside of me were transformed into the extraordinary when I could capture it on camera and show it to the world.

I started shooting because I thrive off of genuine interactions with beautiful people – and beauty is so much more than skin deep.  Anyone who can feel beautiful about themselves and full of passion is a beautiful person.  I love being able to encourage that and draw that out of people.  And I love capturing that in the camera and reflecting it back to them – showing them that to be their confident and genuine selves is more beautiful than anything.

I feel so blessed that I can use my gifts of photography, love for people, and desire to bring encouragement and healing to the soul.

I shoot because I love what it does for me and for others.  I would shoot even if I didn’t get paid.  I shoot because it brings me to life.

Yee - November 15, 2011 - 12:31 pm

Saw you through your work with Help Portrait, totally dig your philanthropic desires and your clear passion for photography. Thinking about following in the same vein as you with mine!